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Missional Communities

We all have acquaintances. Some have true friends to share life with. Within the landscape of billions of humans, there are people like us who would like to connect, encourage and be encouraged, celebrate and be celebrated, love and be loved. How does that happen? We think it might be possible when we connect in a Missional Community.

Missional Community is the primary way to connect with others at the Vineyard Church of New Orleans and pursue life on mission together. Missional Communities are smaller groups of people throughout our entire city who are learning together how to love God, love one another, love themselves, and love the community around them where they live. Communities of people who are actually sharing life together and experiencing the life transforming power of the Holy Spirit together throughout their weeks in their homes, at their jobs, at the playground, in their neighborhoods and more.

Some Missional Communities ride Harleys together, some gather around a service project, some work through a book together, others have dinner and talk about life. There are options all over town, day and night, for ladies, men, and couples.

You don’t have to have a crowd. Three is Enough! You might already have a group of friends you go out with, watch the game with, do to dinner with, and honestly that is enough. Tell us about your TIE group, and we can help resource you, train you, and give you opportunities to serve if you would like.


The first step is to join a group. We have several open Missional Communities that would love to have you come and explore what MC's are all about. Browse our groups here and contact the leader for more information.

If you know that you are ready for a Missional Community and you need some help finding the right one, we would love to help! Sign up here and we'll help connect you with one of our many existing Missional Communities.

If you are already in a Missional Community (MC) or Three is Enough (TIE) group or would like to start one, let us know here! We'll match you with a coach and help train and resource you - everything that we can do to help your MC/TIE group be successful.
John Brady & Jim Fiorenza
John and Jim have known each other for quite some time. Last year they started a Missional Community together, and this has had a tremendous impact on their lives and their friendship.