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RENEW Mexico

RENEW Mexico

Over the past few years, the Vineyard Church of New Orleans has sent teams to La Mision, Mexico to build a house for a family in need. The teams also work with the Door of Faith Orphanage serving the children that live there. For more information about upcoming trips, please contact us here.

For more than a decade, the Vineyard Church of New Orleans has been supporting Door of Faith Orphanage ( The orphanage is located in La Mision, Baja California, Mexico approximately one hour south of the U.S. border crossing at San Diego.

Door of Faith’s mission is to provide the best home possible to the children entrusted to them. They provide a family atmosphere for the children. They see the traditional family as the ideal model and want children to experience all of the stability, love, and guidance that come from that. They prepare children for life after Door of Faith. They want children to have a strong education so that that when they move on from the orphanage they can be healthy and productive members of society. They live Christ’s example of a life of service and want to give back to the local community through service, outreach, and compassion.

If you would like to find out more about RENEW Mexico, please contact us here.

In 2013 our teams built a home for Pedro Rodriguez, Yessenia Martinez and their two boys.

Pedro & Yessenia were both born & raised in La Mision. They were able to purchase a piece of property almost 5 years ago, but as they were renting a couple of rooms to live in & struggling to make ends meet, they were not able to build themselves a home as planned.

Pedro works 3-4 nights a week as a security guard at a local restaurant, La Fonda & this is their only income. Their baby Misael needed an operation on his stomach & the small family had to move into a room in Pedro’s father’s house in order to afford the medical costs. This had been difficult as his father is much older & does not like the noise of small children in his home.

They are very excited about the possibility of receiving a home & used some of the money saved from not paying rent the last few months, as well as credit from the local hardware store, to build their slab.