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Mercy Response

Mercy Response
The Vineyard Church of New Orleans is now leading the Mercy Response partnership and building a group of like-minded churches to come alongside others in time of disaster. In order to effectively lead this partnership we need to have a team of people from our church helping in many different areas.

How Can You Help
There are several ways which you can come alongside Mercy Response in times of a disaster and even when there is not an immediate need following a disaster.

Maintenance Teams
There are ongoing needs at the warehouse which include:
· General maintenance of facility
· Vehicle, Trailer and Personal Care Unit, repair and modification
· Tool maintenance and repair
· Small Engine Equipment repair and maintenance

When disaster occurs in the Continental US the needs elevate to how we respond.

Assessment Teams are needed to be in place before anything happens.

What does that mean?
There is a need for a few people who would be available at very short notice to assist in responding to the area of disaster to do an overview of the area to see what the immediate and long term needs might be. This commitment could take anywhere from one day to a week.
Short Term Clean-up and Care Teams are generally needed following a disaster.

What do they do?
Once there is clearance from the local authorities, a team of responders go into the area to doing clean-up of fallen trees, gutting homes, and caring for people by handing out Boxes of Hope, cooking meals, and things of that nature.

This commitment is generally at weekly intervals depending on the location.

Long Term Team Needs generally is the ongoing effort to assist in the rebuild and recovery of the affected area. When a decision is made to become part of the rebuilding of an area, continual teams would be needed respond to this cause.

The Local and Federal Agencies are a part of helping to decide on how we move forward and at what level. Team commitments are generally at weekly intervals.

Internships may become available depending on the level of involvement
Mercy Response commits to following a disaster.
Internships begin at a 3 week commitment.

If you are interested in any or all facets of what Mercy Response is doing please
contact us here.