Imagine a diverse team of people serving from their hearts and sharing the inexhaustible love of God. They make great first impressions. They are sensitive to the needs of everyone and eagerly go the extra mile to make them feel at home. They touch every guest multiple times from the parking lot to their seats, so that hearts can become open to the message that God has for them. They bless everyone heading home with an encouraging farewell until they come to see us again. Their teams form friendships and “do life” together so that the body of Christ is strengthened and working.
They serve as a lifestyle.

Our Teams:
Coffee Team
Many people are surprised to find that we offer fresh brewed, great tasting, free coffee at every weekend gathering. Then they are amazed that they are welcome to take it into the Auditorium. Others arrive early to hang out and drink coffee in the Lobby before the gathering begins. Free coffee is an expression of hospitality appreciated by many, and as you can imagine, it takes a dedicated team of individuals to keep the coffee brewing and the stations stocked. Our Coffee Team works behind the scenes preparing coffee each weekend and keeps the pots full and the coffee stations neat and tidy. If you have a desire to serve others in a simple yet meaningful way, please consider joining our Coffee Team.  
Greeter Team
From the time people walk in the main doors to the moment they enter the Auditorium, our Greeter Team is there to welcome them. Our Greeters have a heart for people and attentiveness to their needs. As Christians, we are to treat all people as Jesus did – welcomed, accepted, and valued. If you have experienced God’s love in your life and wish to find a simple way to share that outpouring with others, please consider serving on the Greeter Team. Something as simple as a smile and a warm greeting can mean the world.
Coffee Bar Team
Our Coffee Bar is open before and after all weekend gatherings. This team prepares specialty coffees like lattes and espressos for a small price. If you want to serve in a high energy, fast paced and fun atmosphere then this job is for you.
Parking Lot Team
Let’s face it parking can be rough on the weekends. Our Parking Lot Team is the first point of contact for people coming to The Vineyard Church. Our Parking Lot Team works in the parking lot assisting people in finding parking spaces, directing the flow of traffic, and writing tickets (no . . . not really). If you are agile enough to move around parked and slow moving vehicles, smile and wave infectiously then the Parking Lot Team is for you!
Usher Team
The Usher Team helps people have a comfortable experience in our weekend gatherings. They do this by helping people find a seat and assisting those with special needs. The Usher Team also helps with the offering and coordinating communion.
Communion Team
Here at the Vineyard, we offer communion once every ten weeks during our weekend gatherings. The Communion Team helps to coordinate and facilitate communion on these weekends.
Bookstore Team
The Vineyard Bookstore has a variety of fantastic resources available for purchase before and after every weekend gathering- Live worship CD’s recorded right here at the Vineyard Church, books on theology and Christian living, audio CD’s of weekend messages, and much more! All of the material in the bookstore has been recommended by Vineyard pastors. If you love to read and have a passion for people, please consider joining our Bookstore Team.

If you would like to apply for one of these teams, please fill out this form.